Portfolio website design specifically for women empowerment with INDIAN luxury products in fashion. Find out more about us​.

Role - Art Direction, Branding, UX, Web Store, Web Presence
Year - 2022 -23

Client - Kalakshetra . xyz


A luxury brand wanted to land an online presence with all of their tradition without being the rest of the brand presence.

The message of uniqueness has to be delivered with the design showcase on the web so we tweak the presence on some place like the Hero Page and the Shopping Cart itself, the brand is yet to launch on a bigger way out and it is going to be a huge...


With over 300+ product collection in Luxury Sarees, the showcase has been made in a modern and tradition style manner, keeping in mind the shopping trigger on web UX.

The brand opted for the marketing and social presence and with deep integrated sales funnels drawwwline made sure that the sales shall start on the platform with a community approach and with seamless check-out process. Our goal was to grab as much as attention from the design itself and same we made sure on the social media with our push for attention process.