How to get a Deal Done for sure?


If you want to make more sales you need to know the sales cycle. When you can use the sales cycle to stack offers, your customer’s satisfaction will go through the roof. That’s what I’m good at—stacking up value so that my customers keep coming back for more and then they tell the whole world about their experience.


  • Idea

  • Attention

  • Intention

  • Present

  • Proposals

  • Close

  • Follow up


If you want to make more money, you don’t need a product. Making a product requires time, manufacturing, and resources. You need to take your idea and find a way to monetize it immediately before you have a product. That what I’m good at—taking ideas and turning them into money right away. If you can shrink the time between the idea and attention, you’ll make more money.

Here the idea I had; I want everyone who cannot attend the 10X Growth Conference to have access to the information.


Because when you’re 10Xing, you don’t have time to think of the past. Your attention is on the future and on what you want to create. I want the whole planet with the 10X message in their ears, consuming it.

Most people think that they need a product to make money. You don’t. You just need an idea. Everyone has ideas!


My idea turned into me selling the live stream of the event this week. That’s not a product that exists yet but I’m already able to make money off of that idea today.

You have to get attention if you have any chance of monetizing your idea. The place between the idea and attention is where most of you lose.

Getting attention requires:

  • Promotion

  • Audience

  • Information

  • Entertainment

  • News

  • Distribution channel

  • Selling ideas


This is where you cover your intentions and set the price. It can lead to the presentation which presents the offer as a solution that solves a problem.


Remember, your offer is no good if it does not solve a problem for someone. Present your product clearly and concisely.


The proposal is where the stack happens. Be very clear with your offer, then stack value on top of it. Make sure the value is incredible for what you’re charging, this will make it irresistible.



The close is where you directly ask for the sale: Visa or MasterCard? If I don’t close, then I go into the follow-up. Then the cycle repeats itself.

When it comes to sales, you can’t rely on one offer or product. You need a lot of offers to provide value to a wide range of people. I currently have over 197 products! That allows me to permeate the marketplace with value.

Remember that money comes from people, not from machines. Don’t get lost in the mechanics. The less time you take between the idea and attention is what will make you more money.

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