The Metallion is a cloud manufacturing services to grow a business's bottom line and accelerate the business that involves multi-level expansion including buying, selling, financing, manufacturing & logistics. Find out more about us.

Role - UX, UI, Branding, Web Presence, Business Platform
Year - 2022

Client -


The Metallion needed a web portfolio that shall be to deliver the sound and profound modern message about a businesses developing platform, and we tried to transform this simple idea into eye appealing and attractive web design that will have a sound approach in order to engage with the profile better based on the services metallion has to offer, being a service provider future platform for small and growing busineses.

The deadline short period made a massive opportunity for us to start with some sleek and minimalistic designs.


A design that is as simple as it to choose and engage with company's order bookings based on the industry and meeting scheduling pattern, this involves B2B customer service which is far more attractive & less boring while moving ahead with the portfolio web design on the internet.